Pregnant and working

Being pregnant and working was hard, as at the time I taught preschool aged children. Man they are busy!! At the beginning of the school year, I was only a couple of months pregnant so it wasn't to bad... Then after Christmas it became hard, working was challenging and I was due in February. We finally made it into the new year! Then the first week of February I went into labor!! Here's our beautiful new addition!

Just finding out!!

Well here's the story!! After finding out that I was pregnant with our fifth child, I was a little scared and nervous.  Not because I was pregnant more so, because our youngest was 5 and it's been awhile since we had a baby in the house.  I was concerned on how she would feel.  Also at this point my husband and I were the only ones who knew!  We didn't tell the girls yet. But after a couple of days went by, our youngest came up to me and said  " mommy it's ok, I don't have to be the baby anymore".  I cried it was the sweetest thing.  It was also like she knew but nothing was said to her.  So then we started sharing to everyone and getting the girls feeling!  They were excited and said they would be very helpful!!

How it got started 2

So after a couple of years working for a daycare center and then branching off to work for the school district.  I still had no taught of becoming a stay at home mom.  It wasn't until our youngest at the time was in kindergarten. I found out that I was pregnant with another baby, which made 5 kids! Zarriah was five at the time and the baby of the family.   What was I going to do now!!

How I got started

So truth be told, I wasn't always a stay at home mom. I worked for daycare centers and schools before deciding to be home with my children. Since I was young, I always loved working with children. My grandmother owned a daycare so I would come over just to hang out! After her passing and high school, I decided to study early childhood education and futher my career as a teacher. 
As time went on, I meet my bestfriend and soulmate we had a baby then soon after got married! At this time I had a five year old from a previous relationship, so when we got married we had two children. 
Now staying at home wasn't something I wanted to do at first.  We needed income, and going down to one income would've been a struggle. So I continued to work at the daycare centers and then moved to teaching at a school!!
Thanks for reading more to come on my success!

Meet the Crew

It's a joy and blessing to be a mom of five girls. They keep me on my toes and full of adventures!
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A new journey!!

Welcome to Miraclesfive!! I'm Nina a wife and mother of 5 girls and 3 stepsons!! We are a blended family, but living in the home is just the 5 girls and my husband.

I started this blog to write about how becoming a stay at home mom & wife has changed my life! I' am blessed to have such wonderful children and an amazing husband to back me up on this new journey and chapter of our lives!

In this blog I will touch on my joys, passions, creativity, self care and my daily life style with the girls. I also feel that starting this blog will bring people like me, who have ideas to use them and share them with the world. We all have a passion for something and now is the time to show it!!
Please enjoy reading & comment, I would love to hear your thoughts!